Should You Trade in Your Car With CarMax?


The biggest used car retailer in the US, CarMax offers a convenient way to sell or trade in your vehicle. Its process is designed to make the experience easier and less stressful for buyers, especially younger ones who aren’t as fond of traditional car buying.

Whether or not to trade in with CarMax depends on several factors, including convenience, time and money. It also depends on your personal preferences, as well as what you want to get from the transaction.

Trading in with Carmax is the quickest and most convenient option, but it comes at a cost: It’s likely you will receive less for your trade-in than you would if you sold it yourself to a local buyer. That is a trade-off that can be worth making if you’re in the market for a new vehicle and are willing to take some time and effort to sell your old one yourself.

When trading in with Carmax, customers will first have to choose a local location to visit. This choice is up to the customer, but it usually involves driving their trade-in to a nearby store and taking it to the dealership to complete the sale. Read more


Once at the dealership, they will inspect the vehicle and give you an offer on the spot. The offer is valid for seven days, so you can take your time deciding if you’d like to accept the deal. If you don’t, you can take your trade-in to a different CarMax, as long as the 7-day validity period hasn’t expired.

Carmax also allows sellers to take their cars for an appraisal before they complete the sale. The company’s appraisers are trained professionals who use facts, not feelings, to determine the value of a used car.

Generally, a good condition car with no mechanical issues will be in demand at a Carmax auction. If your car is customized with aftermarket parts and has unique features, that may increase its value, too.

In general, cars with desirable features and those that match the top 10 list of preferred types of vehicles are more in demand than other kinds of cars at Carmax auctions.

This is a big part of why they’re so successful in the auction business. They’re not interested in wasting time with low-quality cars and they want to win the auction by offering buyers the best possible price.


The second reason Carmax is a better place to sell your used vehicle than a local dealer is that they can offer you a higher price than you’d get through an online or carvana auction. In fact, a recent study found that Carmax offered nearly $1,000 more than both Carvana and Vroom when it came to used vehicle prices.

Lastly, Carmax has a reputation for offering excellent service and treating people with dignity. The company has received numerous awards and recognition for its customer service and business practices. It has a large number of locations throughout the U.S. and employs more than 200,000 employees.

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